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Illegally parking your bike
THINGS THAT ARE ILLEGAL IN JAPAN BUT PEOPLE DO IT ANYWAYSMost people don` t want to pay and sometimes there are not any parking lots where you can park your bike legally.Its illegal but people do that anyways.When you visit Japan specially the busiest cities like Tokyo,Yokohama you`ll see like no parking sign where you cannot park your bike.But people park there Bike anyways. What will happen if you park you bicycle in no parking area? During first time you will get some warning papers attached in your bicycle And every once in a while a vehicle like mini truck will come and take out your bike to the bike jail.I have never had a bike taken to bike jail but lot of my friends got their bikes taken to bike jail.To get your bike return you have to pay 1000 to 5000 yen.

Using bike with an umbrella, biking smoking, two person riding on the same bicycle, biking side by side and talking, drink and drive, biking while listening to music or talking on a phone are also illegal.But i have seen people do all of those things in a last months. Please avoid to do such things to maintain your image as well as your countries image.

Underage buying alcohol

under age drinking is illegal here but it `s very easy to buy alcohol.In Japan when you go to supermarket or convenient store the little computer screen will pop up and it will just say press this button if you are over 20.You may be asked to show your id to check whether you are over 20 or not but sometimes they don@t even ask.I get carded like once or twice a year although i am more then 20 years coz my Japanese friend told me that they cannot decide the age of the foreigners by face.Like we do .i cannot say the actual age of Japanese by their body and face structure.They look really young. Never consume alcohol or buy alcohol if you are underage.You will be in problem if caught.I am not promoting any of these things but i am saying it is illegal but it happens.

Stealing Umbrella

In most place you have to put your umbrella outside and in some cases you have like plastic bag to insert your umbrella there so you can take it with you. Mostly you have to leave it outside and then people will steal your umbrella.i had my umbrella stolen so many times. Umbrellas in japan is often like cheap plastic and mostly look like same to others umbrella. You can even buy an umbrella at 100 shop

Smoking while walking.

On each and every sidewalk there are like no smoking signs or no smoking while walking.You will be charged if you get caught. There are many designated smoking area on the street, or in a restaurant or bar where smoking is allowed. But smoking while walking is Illegal !But i have seen people doing those things.

Women only seats

IMG 2612 In Japan during rush hours some Train cars are designated for female only. During rush hour there has been groping incidents so its safe for the women . But i have seen so many times used by the Male person.Was`nt he crazy??

If you have any other things that are illegal in japan but people do it anyways,please comment below!!!!
and also those things which are illegal in your home country but people are doing it anyways.
Bye Bye see you next time.またね!

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