There are many resources for learning Japanese online. Let’s decide on one main source to learn which helps you to structure your learning, and avoid missing an important concept. Today we are discussing about some cool website for learning Japanese. There is not only single best website for learning Japanese. Most websites will generally focus on one or two aspects of learning. For example, Wanikani is a great site for learning Japanese Kanji, Real Kana is a great site for revising and remembering Hiragana and Katakana.i am talking about wanikani because it really helps me learning japanese . I would not limit yourself to only websites as there are some great textbooks out there if you go for looking.Different website have different good things. Let’s discuss about the cool website for learning Japanese.



To memorize khanji it’s very difficult task because you can see many similar kanjis with different meaning. Wanikani is the best website to learn khanji. WaniKani teaches kanji with mnemonics to help remember and make sense of them. And knowing kanji makes you able to read textbooks ,play Japanese games,watch anime with no subtitles and read manga. What is your favorite anime?mine is one-piece. Click here to go to WANIKANI website



Japanesepod101 may be the best apps to learn japanese from absolute beginning. All you need to do is create account and join for free. The best part of this website is you can select you level like absolute beginner or beginner or intermediate or advance . click me to go to

3.Language Exchange


Generally this website is also called online language exchange community . It helps you learn any language while making friends with native speakers. language exchange method and the online plans for learning language are the best part of click here to go to Language



This website doesn’t need any explanation. We can see out by the cool layout of tofogu website.we can find different articles of Japanese learning resources every month. There are not only an articles of learning Japanese,but everything about Japan. click me to go to TOFUGU

5.Japanese Online


Online Japanese language and culture resources based website helps to learn form absolute beginner.we can find different article and blogs in this website. So those are some cool website to learn Japanese.Do you have any website which you think super cool to learn Japanese?? If you have them pls comment below. Thank you Click here to go to

Bye Bye see you next time.またね!

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