Study Techniques for Japanese

How did i learn Japanese

Study Techniques for Japanese

Hello guyz welcome to where we talk everything about the Japanese culture , Language ,travel information,amazing facts,night life,good tips on living in Japan,cheap places to hang out and a daily life in Japan.

Today we are going to discuss about some tips and tricks ,how to learn Japanese.I started learning Japanese four years ago,and i am still learning.So during my learning period,i figure out some tricks to become more fluent in Japanese.I used to cry when i first begin to learn Japanese .hahar> i am joking.It`s difficult but if we try we can do it.All you needis some time and a good practise. So here are some tips and tricks which i figure out while learning

1.Learning Hiragana and Katana character(khanji at last)

Learning Japanese hiragana and katakana is not so difficult as you think.All you need is practise.It can be done in a day but wait wait wait… you may forget after that so i recommend to learn hiragana and katana for a week.This will help you memorise hiragana and katakana perfectly.It will be with you forever in your life .And the next part is khanji. Khanji is a little bit difficult,but if we do a practise we can do it.There are a lot of khanji which is being used in Japan.You may find unnecessary Khanji which are not used in nowadays.No need to study unnecessary Khanji. So take care while Learning Khanji.

2.Going to Japanese Classes

When you attend Japanese Classes you will be able to read and write (hiragana,katakana,kanji)in a proper way.Japanese teachers are so nice that they will do everything to make you understand.Japanese classes are really interesting. In Japanese language the study environment is so cool and you can get chance to make friends from different people from different countries. That`s the best part i think.Within a year you will be able to speak basic Japanese.

3.Don`t be Shy

This may be little weird but the best advice i am going to give you is just try to talk.Don`t take care of your mistake.If you don`t talk then there is no way to become fluent in Japanese.Please don`t shy and don`t worry about mistakes because Japanese people are really kind.They never make fun of you and help you correcting your mistake.People learn from mistake so,don`t worry about the mistake

4.Making Japanese Friend

Making Japanese friend is a good Way to learn Japanese.There are a lot of way to become friend with Japanese.The Japanese people are really sweet and they will always help you.

5.Do part time Job

Part time job is called arubaito(アルバイト) in Japanese.Working in Japanese environment will really help you increase your Japanese level.while working you can listen and understand the way they speak . It`s really helpful

7.Watching anime,movies and reading manga<

Watching anime,movies and reading manga is also the best way to learn Japanese.They have subtitles,translation etc which helps you learn while enjoying anime.You will slowly begin to understand the language structure and its pattern
Three words that i learned while watching anime
1.(おはよう)OGood morning
1.(じゃまたねー) Jya mata ne-See you again
3.(ありがとうございます。)Arigatou gojaimasu.-Thank you

I hope this blog will help you .So this were some tips and tricks from me to you.If you have some more tips ,please comment below.And i wanna tell you that i am still learning Japanese. so,Ganbarouuu
Seeyoi next time .bye bye.
Have a good day and take care

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