Dashain Festival

Hello guys welcome to by blog.i am Bikashyu and this is bikotan blogs .Todays topic is alittle bit different.Today i am going to write something about(DASHAIN) the longest and most auspicios festival of Nepal.It take place in September to October .Nepal has their own calender which is different from Solar calender.So,it is exactly difficult to tell the exact date of Dashain.According to Nepalese calender,today is 2075 Aswin 27 . Dashain is also known as Bijaya Dashami which is the grandest festival of Nepal.All the government agencies,educational institution,as well as public sectors will be closedduring the festival.

Dashain has its own story and importance. Dashain is the celebration of victory over evil.Dashain symbolize that good always prevail over bad.

Ok lets discuss about how do Nepalese celebrate Dashain.
Dashain occurs in the most pleasent season of the year.The season itself is a celebration.People have culture of putting tika of rice grain on the forehead.Red color(which is called abir in Nepali)is mixedin rice grain and some one make it white by onlymixing curd.

Dashain Festival

There is a tradition of getting new clothes in this festival which is most famous among childrens.The best part i love about this festival is Family gathering . People return from all parts of the world or country to celebrate the Dashain festival together.

Kite flying and rope swinging is another attraction for people. Swings are madeup of bamboo and rope is made is made up of coconut. Among Nepalese people,there is a belief that if you leave the ground atleast one time by swinging,the swing will take away your sad feelings and replace it with positive thoughts.Playing cards is another attractjon of this festival.Dashain has 15 day celebration.Among them following are the main events of Dashain.
1st day Ghatasthapana

Dashain Festival

The first day of this festival is called Ghatasthapana.Special room are setup for worshipoping Durga Bhawani. This room is used to plant barely which is called Jamara in Nepali. All these day has their own importance.barely are placed on sand which are brought from river.These seeds will grown within 10days.The barely gren plants are called Jamara in Nepali. 7th day fulpati
8th day Asthami
9thday Navami
10th day Vijaya Dashami(Main event day)Tika
11th day Ekadasi
15th day Purnima
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