Apartments and Guest Houses for Foreigners and Exchange Students

Apartments and Guest Houses for Foreigners and Exchange Students

Hello guys wc back to my blog .So today we are gonna discuss about “Is it really hard for foreigners to find room in Tokyo,Japan?”

If you have plan to move to Tokyo. Japan or if you are looking for an apartment/house for rent,i will recommend Sakura House .
         Sakura house welcomes all foreigners and price is really affordable. You are required to show your identification and verification which are valid in Japan.For more information Click me
               Places like Shinjuku,Ikebukuro,Shibuya is very expensive to live.If you go farside of Tokyo it will be cheaper.I live in Hachioji,which is far from Shinjuku and i am paying 40000rent Monthly.
          Tokyo room finder is another company which provides Apartments and Share House in Tokyo and surroundings.You can reserve from online and no need for a guarantor.It is the best way and easiest way to find room for foreigner in Japan.All staff are friendly and speaks English and for more details Click here

        But for long term range finding room may be alittle bit difficult and expensive too(Tokyo area).Its not just about the monthly rent but, in most case you will have to pay Security deposit,Key Money,Etc.And you need to pay the first month or second month rent in advance and some companies may asked you to bring Japanese Personnal to sign the contract for you.
              I am sorry to say but some owner dont take any foreigners.After 6 months when i came to Japan,i tried to find a room and went to room providing company,They told me that owner don`t take any foreigners because of Language Barriers and Others reason.”
All i want to say is if you are fluent in Japanese it is not hard to find room in Japan.

I hope this blog will help you .See you next time .bye bye.
Oh sorry!!Wait!! Wait!!

Lets learn some Japanese
only five

1.(おはよう)Good morning
1.(じゃまたねー) Jya mata ne-See you again
3.(ありがとうございます。)Arigatou gojaimasu.-Thank you

6.(すみません。)Sumimasen=Excuse me!
8.(わかりません。)Wakarimasen=I don`t understand
9.(英語話せますか?)Eigo hanasemasuka?=Do you speak English?
10.(お手洗いはどこですか?)Otearai wa doko desuka?=Where is the toilet?

Have a good day and take care

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