Japanese Blood Type Personality Theory.

Japanese Blood Type Personality Theory.

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Today we are going to discuss about Japanese Bood Type Personality.We gonna discuss what they say about your Personality.
Do you know What blood Type you are?

(けつ)(えき)(がた) (ketsuekigata)Blood Type.

Blood Type is called Ketsuekigata in Japanese. Almost Japanese person knows their blood type. Ok let’s talk about the Blood Type personal characters. In Japanese Society Blood types are considered to be an important personality indicator. And in fact,a lot of people believe this too(mostly Women).
Do you guys believe such stuff??What do you think?

In my view ,in some case there is actually somethings which shows a little bit personal character,but i don`t fully believe.
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Understanding Japanese blood type personality Theory can help you make new friend and it will get you know more about Japanese Culture.
so the Japanese Phrases for the words “What Blood Type are You” is

(けつ)(えき)(がた)何?(なに?) (ketsuekigata Nani?)What Blood Type you are?.

The Question express curiosity about you as a what type of person you are.So,don`t freak out!(笑)

Take a look at the table below to find out what your Blood says

Blood Type Positive Traits Negative Traits
A Type Kind,reliable,Patient,tactful,polite,Responsible Nervous,stressed,shy,anxious,Tense,Stubborn
O Type Optimistic,Easygoing,calm,Confident,Workaholic Rude,Arrogant,cold,Emotional,Jealous,Unpunctual
B Type Relaxed,Adventurous,Flexible,Creative,Cheerful Selfish,Unforgiving,Wild,Irresponsible,unconventional
AB type Talented,cool,Calm,Dream Chaser,Creative,Popular Irresponsible,Sensitive,Two-faced,proudy,complicated,Critical

I hope this blog will help you .So this were the Japanese Theory of personal characters according to Blood Type. See you next time .bye bye.
Have a good day and take care

Wait! wait!! Wait!!
At last,Lets learn some Japanese words

Japanese English Romaji
自分の血液型って知ってる? Do you know your blood type? jibun no ketsuekigata tte shitteru?

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