Cafes in Tokyo that have a study like environment.

 A big city with millions of people “Tokyo”. In Tokyo There’re thousands of coffee shops.Every person has a different thought or idea of their ideal studying environment. Usually people who want to work on their computer or study go to McDonald`s or Starbucks Cafe. I generally study at local coffee shop near my house which is not so famous as chain restaurant or cafes.It is always quiet.

If you love to travel and want to post something in instagram,facebook,twitter etc or want to work on something ,McDonald`s or Starbucks may be good place for you. McDonald`s or Starbucks have free wifi. You may need to create an account with your existing email id or directly log in using Social media apps like facebook. In some case there may be the access limit of certain time. Tokyo has a lot of cafes that have wifi and plugs.And off course Mcdonald`s and Starbucks has a plug and WIFI too.But don`t forget your Charger.

You can see a lot of school children doing their homework at McDonalds. Whenever i have to wait for my friend,i always go to Mc donalds`s and grab a chicken burger and small coke (cost 200)and enjoy the free WIFI. Personally i go to small cafes and restaurants which are not study like but it is just quiet and comfortable.

Thank you so much guys it was my personal experiences.i hope you guys like this.And at last lets learn some basic Japanese phrases that you can use at a cafes or restaurant.

1. 喫( きっ)()()(Kissaten) Coffee Shop

(Kono tchikakuni kissaten arimasuka?)
Is there a cafe near here?

2.すみません。(Excuse Me)Sumimasen

( Sumimasen,coca cora wo hitochu kudasai. )
Excuse Me,I`ll hava a coca-cola please?

3。食べる (to eat)
( kokode tabemasuka )
You want to eat here?

Ok Let`s learn more…

Japanese Hiragana Romaji English
パン を ください。 パン を ください. Pan wo kudasai . i`ll have a bread.
お腹空きました。 おなか すきました. Onaka sukimasita. I`m hungry。
注文お願いします。 ちゅうもん おねがいします。 Menu wo kudasai。 May i have the Menu ,please?
水をください。 みず を ください。 Mizu wo kudasai. Water Please.
この料理はとても美味しいです。 この りょうりは とても おいしいです。 Kono ryouri wa tottemo oishii desu. This dishes is very tasty.
お会計 お願いします。 おかいけい おねがいします。 Okaikei onegaisimasu。 Bill please.
カードで払えますか? カードではらえますか? kado de haraemasuka? can i pay with this card?
ご馳走様でした ごちそうさまでした。 Gochisoosama desita “That was delicious.”

See you again guys .Bye ,have a good day.

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