Narita-San Shinsho-ji Buddhist temple


Narita-San Shinsho-ji Buddhist temple

Narita-San Shinsho-ji Buddhist temple is located in central Chiba Japan. It attracts more then 400000 visitors every year. It is situated in very convenient location near Narita Inernational Airport. I will recommend you this places if you want to feel Japanese history,Japanese buddhism and culture. The entry fee to enter Narita-San Shinsho-ji Buddhist temple is 0円. You dont have to pay any amount to enter in this temple.

Access to Narita-San Shinsho-ji Buddhist temple

Take a keisei line or JR line from Narita International Airport Terminal 2 Station. It just takes 8 to 10 minutes by express or limited express to Narita station. From keisei Narita station we have to walk 10 mn to reach Narita-San Shinsho-ji Buddhist temple .



There is an event held in almost every month.You can get year round event calender free of costs. Lets discuss about the some annual events helds in Narita-San Shinsho-ji Buddhist temple.

1.Gion-e;This is the big event which is held in every sumer. This is the big event which represents Narita which attracts more then 400000 people every year. In this day Dance wit cultureal music are performed in front of the main hall.

2.Drum fesival; In mid april no.of japanese skilled drum performer from different places of japan gather and perform infront of the main hall.

3.Setsubune; Setsubune events is held on february 3 every year (the day before begining of spring season). It attracts a lots of visitors every year.?

4.Takigi No; the event Takigi Noh is held the day before the third sunday of the month may . In this day outer stage is built in front of the big hall which is called Komyodo hall.

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