100 YEN SHOP (100円ショップ)

100YEN SHOP100YEN SHOP(100円ショップ)

100 YEN SHOP (100円ショップ)

If you have been in Japan or intested in Japanese Culture i hope you are quite familiar to the name 100YEN SHOP.In todays topics we will discuss about 100 YEN SHOP in Japan. It is called (100円ショップ).It is very famous in Japan.If you are planning to visit Japan i want you to visit once.(YEN)is the name of Japanese currencyIt is really cool.I am sure you will be attracted.Due to cheap price people often buy unnecessary item too.

100 YEN SHOP (100円ショップ)

As it’s name is (100円ショップ)100YEN SHOP,most of the price of the items are 100yen+tax(8%) which means 108 yen in total.There may be some products which cost 200 or 300.Dont be confused while buying i recommend you to watch price tag carefully.Most of the item costs 100.The price tags are written in English.
100 YEN SHOP (100円ショップ)
Due to the cheap price people are so attracted that they buy unnecessary stuffs.This happen to me also.Everytime it really attracts me .They are so many goods which i have never used after buying.I prefer (100円ショップ)100YEN SHOP for buying house hold items which are used for household items. Toothbrush,paste,Towel,box,hairpin,stationary items,ladies makeup box,razors,kitchen items mat,tissue paper,gift box etc.. are some useful item for our dailylife and i prefer to buy from 100YEN SHOP because it is very cheap in comparison to other’s shop.
Here is a short video.
100YEN SHOP makes our life easier and it can be found in almost places ofJapan.But be sure not to buy unnecessary items.Thanks for watching my blog .If you have any questions or you want to discuss some topics about japan please let me know.I am always happy to share about Japan.皆さんありがとうございます。Thanks everyone.Have a good day.See you again

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