Akibhara is one of the famous places of Japan.It is also called Akiba.Akihabara is situated in the Chiyoda ward of Tokyo.It is known as Electric Town. It is also famous for Manga and Maid cafe. We can do a lots of thing in Akihabhara.

If you guys are planning to visit or have interest in Japan,i will recommend you to visit Akihabhara.I bet you will not regret it.Akhibhara’s atmosphere is like game and anime world.Every streets in Akihabara is covered with anime and manga icons,cosplayers and maid cafes staff . Maid cafe’s staff do the cosplayer like manga characters line the sidewalks handing advertisements about their cafe. Different anime characters cosplay attracts the visitors.You can find second cosplay shop also in which you can buy in a cheap rate.You can walk around the Electrical town.You will find everything amazing.You wont be bored. One of the biggest building I would recommend you is Yodobashi. In Yodabashi you can find anything and do almost everything, from looking gadgets, mobile techs and accessories, cameras (digital and exclusive DSLR), computers etc.


Japan’s AKB48, a famousJ-Pop girl group which has lots and lots of girls members are actually named bu the place Akihabara.There are a lots of game center also in which you can play arcade games,ufo catcher etc. The ufo catcher is most popular among foreigners By 100 you can play for 1 time.

Akihabara is also known as electric town .You can find different electric items which you may not have seen in your life.Second hand laptops,ipad,and others electric appliance can be bought in a cheap rate.


Check my channel for more Video Here is the video that i had taken in Akihabara .Hope you guys will like it.And guys if you are planning to come to Japan or intrested in Japan please watch my video. I will add write post or add videos all about Japan and its culture.I hope you will like it .

Check my channel for more Video

Let me know if you have anything to ask about Japan.

I am still spending my life in Japan and i am very very Happy.

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