DO you guys know about samurai?

The Samurai Museum, which lies in Sinjuku Kabukicho is very famous with foreign visitors.Despite the entrance fee is high, many foreigner visit the samurai museum every year.You can have a experience of 800 years Japanese hostory from the kamakura period to edo period and the political and battle evolution of the Japanese samurai. You can have a perfect look of Samurai swords,armor, different kinds of weapons and other historical materials.THE SAMURAI MUSEUM opens at 10:30 AM and close at 8:30 PM.(last entry 8:30 PM). The admission fee to enter museum is 1800.

The museum has a two floor. In the ground floor there is a reception and gift shop.It is not so big in size but i think it really worth.You will be guide by an english speaking staff.The visitors can try on replicas of armor,helmets and clothes.

The museum also have an exhibit rooms in where a customed staff member demonestrates sword techniques and samurai etiquette.Visitors are also allowed to give it a try Location: Shinjuku-ku,Kabukicho 2-25-6.



access:Exit from the Sinjuku ea-st exit on the yamanote line or other railways line and walk about 10 minutes.

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