learn japanese HIRAGANA and KATAKANA

Short Introduction about japanese Language.

Japanese Language is an East Asian Language and national language of Japan.Japanese word order is classified as subject+object+verb.In Japanese language there are three writing systems:Hiragana,Katakana and Kanji.Kanji are called chinese characters.Today’s topic is how to write Japanese letters.So we will learn how to write Hiragana Katakana and some simple Kanji.We have to follow some fundamental rule while practising Japanese language.
rule 1.There are two direction of stroke in Japanese writing.
left to right or top to bottom.
rule2. There are three types of stroke ending. Stop,Brush-up and Release which are called tome,hane and harai respectively .
There are some others rule also but if you remember this two simple rule it will help you learn Japanese in a proper way. Without doing any delays,lets learn Hiragana.I learned Japanese with the help of tha book mentioned above. 
    The character which are listed below are called Hiragana.Hiragana is the main alphabet for Japanese.We will learn about Katakana and Kanji in the next part. learn japanese HIRAGANA and KATAKANA

a あ i い u う e え o お
ka か ki き ku く ke け ko こ
が ga ぎ gi ぐ gu げ ge ご go
sa さ si し su す se せ so そ
ざ za じ ji ず zu ぜ ze ぞ zo
た ta ち chi つ tsu て te と to
だ da ぢ ji づ zu で de ど do
な na に ni ぬ nu ね ne の no
は ha ひ hi ふ fu へ he ほ ho
ば ba び bi ぶ bu べ be ぼ bo ぱ
pa ぴ pi ぷ pu ぺ pe ぽ po
ま ma み mi む mu め me も mo
や ya ゆ yu よ yo
ら ra り ri る ru れ re ろ ro
わ wa を wo ん n/m
きゃ kya きゅ kyu きょ kyo
ぎゃ gya ぎゅ gyu ぎょ gyo
しゃ sha しゅ shu しょ sho
じゃ ja じゅ ju じょ jo
ちゃ cha ちゅ chu ちょ cho
にゃ nya にゅ nyu にょ nyo
ひゃ hya ひゅ hyu ひょ hyo
びゃ bya びゅ byu びょ byo
ぴゃ pya ぴゅ pyu ぴょ pyo
みゃ mya みゅ myu みょ myo
りゃ rya りゅ ryu りょ ryo

        Exceptions: 1. The Hiragana は (ha) is pronounced “wa” when it immediately follows the topic of the sentence. This character is usually only pronounced “ha” when it is part of a word. 2. The Hiragana へ (he) is pronounced “e” when it immediately follows a place or direction. Both of these are very simple to detect. 
learn japanese HIRAGANA and KATAKANAKatakana are generally used for foreign words which have been burrowed from other language.
ア a イ i ウ u エ e オ o
カ ka キ ki ク ku ケ ke コ ko
ガ ga ギ gi グ gu ゲ ge ゴ go
サ sa シ shi ス su セ se ソ so
ザ za ジ ji ズ zu ゼ ze ゾ zo
タ ta チ chi ツ tsu テ te ト to
ダ da ヂ ji ヅ zu デ de ド do
ナ na ニ ni ヌ nu ネ ne ノ no
ハ ha ヒ hi フ fu ヘ he ホ ho
バ ba ビ bi ブ bu ベ be ボ bo
パ pa ピ pi プ pu ペ pe ポ po
マ ma ミ mi ム mu メ me モ mo
ヤ ya ユ yu ヨ yo

ラ ra リ ri ル ru レ re ロ ro
ワ wa ヲ wo ン n/m

キャ kya キュ kyu キョ kyo
ギャ gya ギュ gyu ギョ gyo
シャ sha シュ shu ショ sho
ジャ ja ジュ ju ジョ jo
チャ cha チュ chu チョ cho
ニャ nya ニュ nyu ニョ nyo
ヒャ hya ヒュ hyu ヒョ hyo
ビャ bya ビュ byu ビョ byo
ピャ pya ピュ pyu ピョ pyo
ミャ mya ミュ myu ミョ myo
リャ rya リュ ryu リョ
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