Speak Japanese Fluently in six Months-5 ways to success

Speak Japanese Fluently in six Months-5 ways to success

<b>Everything you need to know to speak Japanese Fluently</b> <b>Speak Japanese Fluently in six Months(N4level)</b>||5 ways to success Speak Japanese Fluently in six Months Speak Japanese Fluently in six Months??
Everything you need to know to speak Japanese Fluently.
what do you think is it possible??My junior recently approach me saying”Excuse me !!, what should i do to become fluent in Japanese in six months?”
And my response was
Speak Japanese Fluently in six Months
But i actually realize that it is possible to become fluent in Japanese in six month.Not as mush as a native speaker but fluent.With the good strategy and plan it is possible. At the beginning most learners have no idea from where to begin and what to do.I felt the same when i first start learning Japanese .Taking part in different activities ,making Japanese friends somehow helps me a lot in my learning journey.I realized that only learning is not a key to success.
Here are some important strategies and points for success in speaking Japanese fluently in six months.
1.Only focus the essential

So the first thing to become fluent in Japanese is the core vocabulary and grammar.Focus on vocabulary as much as you can.Around 1000 words is enough to pass JLPT N4.You may feel some difficulties learning kanji part but but in six month we can master JLPT N4.
You might think that “A thousands words in just six month??” and you might say “no way”むりむり but it is possible .If you start to learn 10 words per day ,You can learn 1500 words in a 5 months .You have one more month to review the things .You can use different website where you can learn vocabularies grammar and kanji.
Simply only knowing 1000 words does not make you fluent in Japanese but learning JlPT N4 vocabulary represent about the 60% of the everyday spoken language.

2.Using word like uhhh, what was that, err, umm, AHH , oh i see

When talking to Japanese or watching Japanese movies or drama you might have notice the word like “anou”,”nanndakke”,”naruhode”,”etoo” using the word like this helps you looking more fluent and confidence in Japanese.
Here are some example
err, emmm /”anou”
ummm /”etoo”
yeah right/”sou da”
ah i see/”Naruhodo”
what is it/”Nandakke”

Although it is a small thing but it makes a big difference.

3.Eexplanatory phrases to get around difficult situation

There is a way to fluent in speaking despite of limited knowledge.Although you don `t know the actual meaning of certain things but you can understand the listener by describing about the things.Well it` s a little bit hard for explain but don` t worry guys. i will make video and upload soon.

4.making Japanese friend or finding conversation partner

Only reading and writing is not enough to master in Japanese Language.You have to use it and practice it with native speaker or or who can speak Japanese.You need to speak about one hour every week to achieve your six months goal.So finding a conversation partner will help you being fluent in no time.
i got a comment like “i have no-one to practice Japanese “and “no Japanese people around me” well we can get conversation partner through internet.

5.Watching Anime Drama

Do you like Japanese drama or Anime?Well Japanese anime and drama are also the best sources for becoming fluent in Japanese.Try to watch slow without no subtitle(if possible).It really helps you.My Favourite anime is One piece,Fairy Tale,Naruto and some romantic, horror anime. So this was some tips and tricks for Speak Japanese Fluently in six Months .It is the best way to master Japanese language in less time.I hope you like this.hope to see you again!! and if you have anything to know about Japan, please feel free to mail me.またね。

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