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Most of the Japanese fruits are written in Katakana because they are mostly imported.The most popular fruits and which is produce in japan is the Fuji apple. Fuji Apples are grown in Aomorikenn(青森県).It produce more then 50% of the apple in Japan and is popular in foreign also.Square shape watermelon is the most expensive fruits in Japan. which are being sold in higher price in comparison to normal watermelon.

In Todays topic we will discuss about the fruits which are available in Japan and we will also learn the name of fruits in Japanese Language.

Nomimono(のみもの)飲み物 Kudamono(くだもの)果物

ichigo(いちご) budou(ぶどう)

Sakuranbo Rainbow

orange(オレンジ) takoyaki(たこやき)

Momo(もも)桃 Nashi(なし)梨

Kaki(かき)柿 Ringo(りんご)

イチゴ(ichigo) バナナ(banana)

penpineapple pineappulu(パイナップル)

nasi(なし)梨 momo(もも)桃

ume(うめ)梅 bosi(ぼし)

Suica(スイカ) Ochya(お茶)

Raichi(ライチ) ichigo(イチゴ)

Ume(うめ) zakuro(ザクロ)

Meron(メロン) pan(パン)

niku(にく)肉 Ichigo(イチゴ)

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