Learn Japanese-How to say you are quitting your job in Japanese

When i told my boss that i am retiring , my voice was trembling and i was little nervous.(笑).Its really nervous and scary when it s time to tell the  boss about leaving the company.And if you are foreigner working in Japan and it s more difficult to provide every description about quitting job .WHY?WHEN?What do yo want to do next?etc etc.

Learn what to say when you are quitting job in Japan

In today` s topics we will talk about 3 patterns “How to say it in Japanese.”

First let’s understand the boss’s psychological condition before thinking about how to say when you leave the business. And if you receive an uneven query or response, be ready to give the best answer.You have to inform your boss first of all that you want to leave the company. Because the boss must report to the management “you are leaving”.

Of course, your Boss  will  also get  nervous when you tell your boss about you are quitting. You have to explain properly about why you are quitting.Let’s follow these steps instead of telling your boss that you want to stop suddenly.

step 1.Make an appointment when the boss is not busy.

step 2.Let` s talk about main subject.


boy explaining about quitting job to his boss

Like this way let` s make up an appoinment to talk with your boss slowly.


Let` s start with お忙し所申し訳ありません、お時間作っていただきありがとうございます。(Thank you for making time)

boy explaining about quitting job to his boss

And let’s talk from the main point. while giving conclusion please use the word like “thank you” and “sorry”.

How do you say it in Japanese ?It is little bit long but i will give you full description with hiragana,kanji and romaji.Pls comment below if you want to ask anything .

For example i want to work in IT related company.So ho do i tell my boss that i am quitting my job because i want to work in IT company?Here it goes

boy explaining about quitting job to his boss

“I will immediately enter to the subject. I would like to leave the company. I’m very sorry because I’m always indebted, but I’m interested in IT fields.So I would like to quit the company and starts new challenge.”

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