Best Places to Visit in Japan in Winter 2019

Why you should visit Japan in winter???

Do you like winter? 

From different snow event to winter illumination ,we all know that Japan has a beautiful winter. Check out the best places to visit in Japan in 2019 

1.Sapporo snow festival

    Sapporo is the fifth largest city of Japan and the prefectural capital of Hokkaido.Sapporo is very famous for annual ice festival where you can see enormous ice sculptures .

Learn more about Sapporo here

 Winter in Hokkaido is really cold . Ok lets check about the temperature of Hokkaido now. Today is 21st December 2018.

Best Places to Visit in Japan in Winter 2019
Isn’t it cold???

  Sapporo is the one of the best beautiful place to visit in the world.The world’s famous Sapporo snow festival take places for 2 weeks. If you want to experience a wonderful winter wonderland,I recommend you to visit Sapporo. 

Know more about Sapporo snow festival

  1. Ginjan onsen

 Winter season are probably the best season for

温泉or (おんせん)or onsen or (hot spring bath) .Hinjan onsen is situated in Yamagata Prefecture.Yamagata Prefecture is also known as the historic onsen town of Japan.

3.地獄谷Jigokudani(monkey park)

 Jigokudani or 地獄谷Monkey Park is located in Nagano prefecture Japan.It is the part of the national park .It offers visitors the cool experience of watching wild monkeys bathing in a natural hot spring.You can visit Jigokudani Monkey park in any time but winter is the best time  of the year to visit Monkey park.The Monkeys you’ll see there are wild and they are not in a cage .

4.Nagano ski and snowboard resorts .

Best Places to Visit in Japan in Winter 2019

Nagano prefecture is not so far from Tokyo. There are many ski and snowboard  resorts in Nagano.

 You can access from bus also .or you can experience bullet train (shinkansen)新幹線.

Here are the details of ski amd snowboard resort of Nagano .

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