Japanese Embassy Interview-Preparation

Namaste Guys.In todays Blog i am going to share you about Japanese Embassy Interview Questions that they asked me during my interview.based on my experience i am going to tell you about the question they asked me . I will give you some tips and advice . I hope it will help you pass the interview.

Things To Remember ⤵︎

  1. Cleanliness
  2. Wear formal dress
  3. Make your Hair Properly
  4. Be Confident while talking。
  5. practice before attending

It is not so hard to pass embassy interview but there are  some things that you have to take care.As you know they have already read your documents so Mostly they know about your name address,source of income etc. All they want to know is how much you can speak Japanese and about your documents.So never say any words which does`not match as your documents.

What did they asked to me?

It was the year 2014 july  I came to Japan and i still remember my moms sad face when i was about to leave. It was the month of june i was called for interview and i was called for the interview.I practised a lot for my interview and i was preety confident that i can do it .I went to Embassy fill some forms and i was asked to  stay on line. The line was quite a long ..I waited for more then 1 hours and finally it was my turn. Suddenly i became nervous after knocking the 

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