How to switch from Docomo to Ahamo. Easy with 0yen Cancellation fee

How to switch from NTT Docomo to Ahamo

Is there any cancellation fee when switching from docomo to ahamo? How to switch from Docomo to Ahamo?

when switching from docomo to ahamo, it is not necessary to issue an MNP reservation number, and it is completed only by changing the plan, so the procedure can be completed easily in a short time.if you want to use the phone number of a mobile phone company other than DoCoMo with ahamo, you need to apply for MNP.

The main feature of ahem is that the monthly charge is cheaper then docomo existing plans.That is the reason many people are thinking about switching from Docomo to Ahamo.Recenty I switched to Ahamo from Au KDDI.This time, for those who want to switch from docomo to ahamo, i will thoroughly explain the advantages and precautions of ahamo and the specific transfer procedure.

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How to transfer from docomo to ahamo
Benefits of switching to ahamo
Precautions when switching to ahamo

Benefits of switching to ahamo

The ahamo is 20GB and the monthly charge is 2,970 yen (tax included), which is considerably cheaper than the DoCoMo rate plan.Therefore, many docomo users will get a lower monthly fee when switching to ahamo.Furthermore, since you can use DoCoMo’s high-quality communication lines as they are, the communication speed is stable. You can use 5G at no additional charge, and the coverage area is the same as DoCoMo.

Advantages 1. It becomes cheaper with the same communication quality.
Advantage 2. You can use the SIM card and phone number as they are
Merit 3. DoCoMo’s model can be used as it is
Merit 4. You can also change the model
Merit 5. No MNP procedure required
Benefit 6. No fees

Disadvantages of ahamo

Unfortunately there are some things you have to keep in mind before switching to Ahomo.

For ahamo, application and support basically need to be completed online.

You can apply for ahamo only from the official website, and if you have any questions, you must use the frequently asked questions and chat support on the official website to resolve them.

If you use “ahamo WEB application support” or “ahamo WEB procedure support”, you can complete the procedure with the support of the shop staff at the docomo Shop. However, the bottleneck is that the fee is 3,300 yen (tax included).

others disadvantages

Attention 1. Support at docomo Shop is charged
Attention 2. Carrier mail cannot be used
Attention 3. There is a docomo service that cannot be used.
Attention 4. Discount is not applied / abolished
Attention 5. Cancellation fee may be charged

How to switch from Docomo to Ahamo

Here I will explain the procedure from switching to ahomo from docomo

*It is recommended to switch to ahamo at the beginning of the month for Gigalight and at the end of the month for Gigaho and Gigaho Premier.

Here, the procedure is explained using only the plan change as an example.Open Google chrome or safari and type and go to Ahamo official link. Here is the link of ahamoOfficialWebSite

Watch full procedure

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