How to buy a SIM card in Nepal.

How to buy a SIM card in Nepal

Want to know how to buy a SIM card in Nepal?

Nepal has two main carriers: Nepal Telecom and Ncell. According to user reviews and discussion with other travelers, Ncell is simpler for foreigners to set up than Nepal Telecom, which has more coverage in the mountains but slower speeds. 

Recommend buying a Nepal Telecom SIM card if you plan spending a lot of time in the mountains and want better . However they are not as freely available as with Ncell, they are still very easy to find.

How to buy a SIM card in Nepal
How to buy a SIM card in Nepal

Buying a SIM card in Nepal

You will require your real passport and one passport-sized photo in order to purchase the card. The vendor will obtain a photocopy of your Nepalese visa and passport id page and provide you a form to fill. Although it’s printed in Nepali, you’ll be instructed where to put your name as well as other details.

Ask the vendor to add as much credit as you need once you’ve done the procedure and assured the card is working. Shortly after getting a confirmation text, you can activate the appropriate package by entering *17123# and following the on-screen steps.

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Prepaid SIM Costs in Nepal.

By global standards, prices are low for most day-to-day needs in Nepal, and local SIM cards are no exception. Expect to pay 100-150 rupees (~$1) for the SIM card, and a few hundred rupees for calls and data depending on your needs.

Information about package can be found here.

Visit Nepal SIM-how to buy a SIM card in Nepal.

There is also a travel SIM (called also as Visit Nepal SIM), that cost 100 rupees and has 1GB of data valid for three days together with 30 rupees of credit. Just choose to use a package that suits your needs .These SIMs are available at Kathmandu airport, and other Ncell stores around the country.However, you might not be able to find one at tiny roadside stands.

You can purchase a sim card or fill balance in any stores or stall displaying NCELL logo.

Here is the official websites of two main carriers of Nepal , NCELL and Nepal Telecom(NTC).

How to buy a SIM card in Nepal

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