100000 yen benefit “Include foreigner also”

If registered in Basic Resident RegisterRegarding the policy of ”benefit of 100,000 yen per person” which government implements as an emergency economic measure against the new coronavirus, the person in charge of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications said “If it is registered in the Basic Resident Register(住民基本台帳), regardless of nationality ,the foreigners are also liable for 100000¥ benefit.

Japan Prime Minister Shinjo Abe’s “100000 yen per person ” benefit will be included in the supplementary budget in the form of replacing “300000 yen for household with reduced income.”

It was first not cleared that whether foreign residence would enter or not and in twitter there were a lot of hashtags about # foreigner should receive a benefit too.

In addition, foreign residents will also be covered by the Basic Resident Register system, and the policy says that 100,000 yen benefit will include everyone regardless of Nationality .people who are registered in the 住民基本台帳.

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