The Seven Best  Things to Do in Atami in 2021

The Seven Best Things to Do in Atami in 2021

Hello guys Welcome  to am bikashyu. In this blog today i am gonna be showing you top Seven Best Places you can visit around Atami.

Atami is located in Shizuoka Prefecture.It takes less then 50 minutes from Tokyo to reach Atami Station.If you want to save money like me i will recommend you to take the local train.Believe me you will save 50% .OK lets talk about the top Seven best places to visit in Atami Station.

1.Explore Atami Station,Nakamise Shopping Street and Atami Heiwa-dori Shopping Street.

Atami Heiwa-dori Shopping Street is the street full of Small shops where you can enjoy Japanese-style shopping experience.The street are full of restaurants,cafes,sushi shop,dried fish shop and souvenir shops.Do not Forget to eat onsen manju while walking around there.

2.Atami Sun Beach.

 Atami Sum Beach is very popular for moonlight Walks and summer Fireworks.With the beach, waves, blue water crashing in the breakwater, sand, walkways…a perfect outing spot. The area is always cleaned and well maintained.You just sit back and relax.

3.Atami Rope Way

If you want to visit Adult Museum,Atami Castle and Trick art museum i think its best to use ropeway.

3.Atami Adult Museum

Adult Museum of Atami is also known as Atami Hihokan.I think it is one of the most intresting Japanese museums that only adults can enjoy.Many items about SEX are displayed there.If you want to know about EDO period sex toys, you must visit there.

4.Trick Art Museum

Just near to Atami Castle,Atami Trick art museum is another famous Trick Art Museum in Japan.Believe me it will worth it 

5.MOA Museum of Art

MOA Museum  of Art is situated at a height of 250m above sea level.If you want to save money like me ,you can walk from Atami Station.
The roads are little sloppy but i know you can do it.

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