learn Japanese particles-Japanese Particles Guide: Wa and  Ga

learn Japanese particles-Japanese Particles Guide: Wa and Ga

learn Japanese particles

Japanese Particles Guide

“Learn Japanese particles-Japanese Particles Guide: Wa and Ga “Hello everyone welcome back to the jpnblogs.com.i would like to thanks for taking out time for reading my blogs .It` s really encourages me .So in todays blog we gonna learn about Japanese particles WA “は” and GA . Here we go.

In Japanese language particles are very important.If the wrong particles is used ,the whole meaning of the sentences can change. That is the reason it is very important to know about particles and how to use it in a sentence.Since there are different particles in Japanese ,we gonna learn about WA “は” and GA particles.Let@s keep it in our mind that WA determines the Topics and GA determines the Subject of the sentences.

1.WA”は” Particles
particles are called (じょ)() in Japanese.WA particles comes after the topic of the sentences.It is also known as Topic particles.Let`s see how it works in a sentences.

Asita wa Yasumi Desu.
This means As for tomorrow,it`s Holiday.Generally we can translate WA particles as “AS FOR” in English.

Let`s go in detail.
は= As for
休みです= Holiday

As we notice that the particles is placed after the topics of the sentences.

NOTE!!! “は”WA particles is pronounced as HA”は” in Hiragana, however when used as a particle ,it is always pronounced as WA.

Only one is not enough .Let` s take a look of few more examples.

あなたは (だれ) ですか?

(わたし) はビカシュです。

(わたし) 先生(せんせい) じゃないです。

はずきさんはとっても 可愛(かわ) いですね。
今日(きょう) (あめ)です。It`s rainy today WA particles is placed after the topics of the sentences.

2.GA “が”Particles

Japanese particles Ga marks subject of the sentences and it is used after the subject of a sentences.It also shows the meaning of “but” and “despite of”.Using wa instead of GA or vice versa changes the meaning of the sentences.
For example:
田中(たなか) さんが () ますか?

(やさ) しい (ひと) がいいです。

(ねこ) () きです。

() いたいですがお (かね ) がないです。 。

日本語(にほんご) () かりません。

To understand the Japanese Particles better ,it is very important to practice more and using them in sentence to understand them better.At first there may be some confusion between は and が particles but if we try to figure out the difference among them, it is not so difficult.So today we learned about the Japanese Particles は and が.In next topic we will learn all remaining particles. Thanks for reading .See you Again !!
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