Common Japanese Phrases which are used at a Restaurant.

Common Japanese Phrases which are used at a Restaurant.


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Welcome to .Today we will discuss about some Common Japanese Phrases which are used at a Restaurant.If you are planning to work in restaurant ,i hope this blog will help you some how.

Japanese English Romaji
何名さまですか How many people are you there? Nan Mei Sama Desuka?
ご年齢確認できる物見せてもらってもよろしいですか while doing age verification. Gonennrei Khakunen Dekiru Mono Misete Morattemo Yorosii Desuka?
ただいま、満席です。 We are full right now Tadaima Manseki Desu.
おまちいただけますか? Do you mind waiting ? Omachi Itadakemasuka?
大変お待たせしました。 Thank you for waiting . Taihenn Omatasesimasita .
こちらへどうぞ. please follow me. Kochira EH DOzo
こちらのお席でよろしですか? Is this table ok for you? Kochira no Oseki De Yorosi Desuka?
メニュでございます。 This is our menu. Menu De Gojaimasu.
ご注文ははお決まりですか? Are you ready to order? Gochyumon wa Okimari Desuka?
お飲物はいかがですか? Would you like something to drink? Onomimono wa Ikaga Desuka?
かしこまりました. I understand. Kasikomarimasita.
ごゆっくりどうぞ。 Enjoy your meal. GOyukkuri Dozou.
ありがとうございました。 Thank you for coming。 ArigatoGojaimasita.
またお越しくださいませ。 Please Come Again. MAta Okosi kudasaimase
お気をつけてください。 Take Care. Okiwotsukete Kudasai
お会計お願いします。 May i have a bill please? Okaikei Onegaisimasu.
レジまでおねがいします。 Please come yo the Counter. Reji made Onegaisimasu.
現金でよろしですか かーだ払いでよろしですか would you like to pay with cash or card? Gennkin de Yorosidesuka? kado de Yorosi Desuka?
  レシートとおつりの返でございます。 Here is your refund and receipt. Resito to Otcuri no kaesi De Gozaimasu.

And guys one more Thing,(under 20 is not allowed to enter a bar or pub which serves an alcohol.) So today we learn Common Japanese Phrases which are used at a Restaurant .ammm next we will learn about some basic phrases which are used in convenient stores in Japan.
If you have anythings which i did` nt mention above , Pls don` t forget to comment below.See You Again!!Take Care.

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