best ios apps to learn Japanese

best ios apps to learn Japanese

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Do you feel difficulties in learning the Japanese Language? off course it is difficult but if we study in a proper way it may be easy. These are the best five free apps that you can download right now to help you learn Japanese, regardless of your current level.

best ios apps to learn Japanese


The. Best. Free. Mobile. Dictionary. You can get new entries and sample sentences free of charge with the app name “IMIWA”. You can search both kanji and vocabulary via either keyboard input, radical search, or JLPT levels. The app is free of charge. Download it and see the magic. I bet you’re going to love it.

2. Dr.Moku’s Hiragana Mnemonics Lite

Dr. Moku is an app with a funny character and through symbols, you can learn simple basic Japanese phrases, vocabulary, and kanji. This app will help you to quickly learn Hiragana and katakana. And one of Moku’s best apps is offline phrasebook audio. Please give it a try.

3. Easy Japanese: Learn with NHK Program

This app may help you learn Japanese faster as it is developed based”easy Japanese” program produced by Japanese public broadcaster, NHK

4. Kanji Lookup
While this app is not a dictionary, it focuses on quick and easy methods of finding the meaning of unknown kanji characters, it includes more than 3500+kanjis which is more than enough for mastering Japanese kanji.

5. Google Translate

Who doesn’t know about Google? The best part of this app is you can use your phone camera to scan words to translate. Voice is also supported. There is nothing that google can do.

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